Crescent Yacht Club   
         A Private Yacht and Social Club
1840 Cape May Road, Baltimore MD 21221             410-687-2582
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Our History
  In 1952, eight men meeting at Mike and Mary Lee's Tavern on Riverside Avenue, founded the Crescent Boat and Social Club. The club's functions included social meetings and Saturday night parties. Prices for a party were $0.50 per person, when hot dogs, beer, chips and pretzels were served, and up to $1.00 when a hot platter was available. The club is known today as the Crescent Yacht Club.

In 1955, the club signed a five-year lease with Bill Daley who lived on Poplar Road on Sue Creek. The original lease was for $1.00 per year with a five-year renewal provided the club would build piers and purchase all beer from Mr. Daley. Piers were arranged by each club member lending the club $100.00 for one year, without interest. Slip rentals then were $2.00 per month for a runabout slip and $6.00 per month for a 50 foot slip. Club dues were $0.50 per month.

In 1965 the club purchased a barge for $1250.00 and moved the clubhouse to Goose Harbor and in 1967 Crescent Boat and Social Club purchased five acres of waterfront property for $40,000. The property was known as Cape May Beach. In May 1969, the ladies auxiliary of the Crescent Boat and Social Club was changed to the "Cresmates."

Over the years, Crescent Yacht Club continues to make improvements to the grounds, facilities, and clubhouse. Crescent Yacht Club now offers 70 deep water slips, a large club house, kitchen, bar and lounge.

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