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Princess Hailey Jones lives in Bel Air, Maryland where she attends Bel Air High School in her junior year. She is in the ‘Learning About Children’ program which is helping her on the pathway to being a kindergarten teacher. When Hailey is not at school or attending yacht club events, she has a part time job at a grocery store. Hailey is currently the club historian for Blackhorse 4-H Club as well. You could say she likes to keep busy. However, she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

If Hailey isn’t spending time on the water her next favorite place to be is the farm where she works with her 3 dairy heifers on a regular basis to prepare them for showing in the late spring and early summer. In Hailey’s free time she loves to spend time with her family, friends and pets.

Hailey hopes to help the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with the research, clean up and protection efforts that they do to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay. She especially hopes that in their efforts they will find a way to help protect the bay from farm land run off that does not negatively impact the farm or its production abilities. She has raised over $250 to date thanks to the members and guest of Crescent Yacht Club and their generous donations they have dropped in the donation bin located in the bar area. She is looking into a few additional fundraisers to hold later this year. 

Princess Hailey Jones